Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Group 1 - Introduction and History
Lincoln Center Group 1

• Where: Broadway and 64th Street in Manhattan

• What:

• History:

Group 2 - Artists

o Metropolitan Opera Company – singers from around the world perform
 Luciano Pavarotti from Italy
 Placido Domingo from Spain
 African American world famous opera stars:

o Avery Fisher Hall–musicians
 Chinese-American Yo Yo Ma –cello
 Itzhak Perlman –violin

Group 3 - Performance Facilities


Group 4 - Organizations at Lincoln Center

Sample Program from
Students will learn to play a variety of instruments, aided by pre-recorded pieces, step-by-step guides to each instrument, and on-site tutoring. For each instrument, students will receive a short biography of a famous musician, reading about those artists who immigrated to the United States and grew to become world-famous from within their new home.

Group 5 - Architects

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